North West Fishing Consortium
Concortium Main Fleet

Ground Fish Spices

Fish catching vessels of Consortium fish Cod (Atlantic Cod) and Haddock in the Barents Sea. As a by-catch there are usually caught such species as Saithe, Halibut, Redfish, Plaice, Catfish. These are all ground fish species. Fishing is hold all the year round with the help of trawls.

Fishing vessels of Consortium produce in factories frozen products of ground fish species. Mainly these products look like graded headed gutted fish. Also frozen fillet is produced. Concomitant products are Cod liver, Cod heads, fish meal, and others.

Fish caught by vessels of Consortium inhabits in natural, ecologically positive conditions; this fish is not farmed. Cod and Haddock meat is tasty, aromatic, of good consistence. It is reach of useful components, such as protein, iodine, phosphorus