North West Fishing Consortium
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North West Fishing Consortium was registered in the year 2002 as a result of consolidation of several fishing companies in North West Region of Russia into one professional organization.

First companies joined by Consortium started with fishing of Cod and Haddock and delivering fresh fish to customers in Murmansk and Petrozavodsk in the year 1993. Further growth of Consortium was based on purchase of Russian and foreign built vessels for the purpose of increasing volumes of processed fish and expanding range of products.

Now Consortium has one of the biggest fleets in the region, consisting of crab-catching, fish-catching, and transport vessels. Besides fishing, Consortium is occupied with fleet reparation and supplies through specialized departments having all required licenses.

Office of the Management Company is placed in St. Petersburg, office of the Fleet Operating Company is placed in Murmansk. Consortium has representative offices in Moscow and in Petrozavodsk. About 800 persons are working for companies joined by Consortium, including administration and seamen.

Companies joined by Consortium are able to provide full set of required processes: fishing, processing of raw material on board the vessels and in shore factories, transportation of finished products, reparation and supplies of vessels, distribution and sales of products in Russian market and all over the world. Also Consortium takes part in scientific programs.

Consortium is interested in and is working on development of fishing industry and creating new work places.